Thursday, March 10, 2005

Florida Catholic

The following is a link to the "Florida Catholic" editorial concerning Terri Schiavo:
Read it yourself and form your own opinions. I have mine.


At 7:47 PM, Anonymous Gianna Whittington said...

What makes the Untied States such a failure?

1. You fight smaller nations and lose, because you plan too little, you're arrogant, and you rely too much on hardware. (Expensive toys, basically.)

2. You elect politicians who are corrupt, stupid, crazy, and devilishly greedy. Who wants leaders who benefit from the wars they start?

3. You let your kids get obese, illiterate, and criminal. Why hire Earl if Javeed does it cheaper, quicker and better?

4. You waste money on the War On Drugs. Why not waste the money on lighting up a fatty instead?

5. You put way too much trust in corporations who'd steal from you if they get the opportunity to. Why trust companies when you don't trust the government (exception being colour-coded warnings, of course)? Don't let McDonald's or Disney raise your kid.

6. Your media and your government teach you to fear and obey. Will you listen? Those who shout the loudest aren't necessarily those who are the most honest.

7. You think everything can be solved with guns and bombs. Try that with a forest fire!

8. You let religious zealotry and ignorance dictate what you teach your kids. You really want your scientists to believe more in Adam and Eve than in the scientific processing of information?

9. You focus way too much on outer enemies, when there are plenty of enemies living in your own country. Look to the White House, or in the nearest gangster hood.

10. You think the world owes you something, even though you in reality owe foreign banks trillions of dollars and an apology for Iraq. Calm down already, you're one out of 193 nations.

11. You support Israel, an apartheid state, at any cost, while you condemn Cuba for being communist and don't care if China is. Logical? By the way, I wonder how much your trade deficit is with China in 2007. Your foreign policy gives everyone mixed signals, until it's war time of course.

12. If you stopped seeing the world as your private chess board and stopped trying to form the world in your image - as if you were gods - you might get more positive responses.

13. What is it with you that makes you think everyone is worse off than the US, or that everyone wants to live there? Do you really need that to feel good about yourself, because you can hardly feed your family, or you are sick and you can't get your treatment covered, or your kid, friend, or spouse is in Iraq?

14. You carpet bomb Afghanistan, one of the poorest countries in the world to kill bin Laden, yet he is not wanted on the FBI list for the attacks in NY 2001 because you cant find any solid evidence which links bin Laden to WTC. How can you carpet bomb and miss?

16. Guns dont kill people, Americans do. If you guys absolutely must kill people would be nice if you guys would do it in your own country and not on the other side of the world.

17. How many acts of terrorism have the US done to other countries in the past 100 years when they finally get a taste of their own medicine on 9/11/2001? They wage a war on terrorism, and then support Israeli state terrorism even more. Good logic.

18. Can you sue me and send me to Gitmo for spitting on the American flag?

19. You are so hell bent on spreading democracy in the Middle east when you support dictatorships in other Middle East countries (Saudi Arabia, Yemen) and have overthrown democracies in Latin America (Arbenz) and in Iran (Mossadegh) in the past. What do Americans mean when they talk democracy and freedom?

20. Your leaders refuse to sign the Kyoto Protocol and think about Global Warming when over 90% of scientists agree on it?

23. Why did the USA walk out in the UN conference on racism in 2001, a conference consisting of other 163 countries if your nation is so "free"?

24. Did you ever stop the Domino Effect? If so, how come Vietnam today is still communist?

25. How can you demand Iran not to have any nukes when you have more nukes than any other country and are the only country to have ever used them against a civilian population? Wouldn't it be better if every country but the USA came with remarks about nukes?

26. You supported Pinochet, a brutal fascist and one of the worst dictators in history, in Chile but not Allende who was democratic elected.

27. Why are you so concerned with religious fundamentalists in the Muslim world terrorizing people based on the Qu'ran when you elect religious fundamentalists into your government who insist on terrorizing people based on what's written in the Bible? Your politicians know the Bible says Jerusalem belongs to the Jews, so allowing Israel to force the Arabs who were born there to leave and slaughtering them if they don't is a morally righteous thing to do.

28. You funded terrorists during the Cold War to combat communism all while doing business with Red China at the same time. Is communism/socialism good for the Chinese but bad for the Afghans and Nicaraguans?

29. You shunned all relations with Iran after the hostage crisis and are thinking about bombing the place, yet you keep buying Iranian oil, thus helping them fund their nuclear program.

30. Your politicians will do anything in their power to stop an 18-year old from aborting her fetus, yet you don't mind creating a deficit which will cause that baby's generation to pay trillions of dollars in taxes.

31. You think if the UN doesn't agree with you, the problem must be the UN and not your proposal.

32. You go to war with Iraq on the excuse that Saddam Hussein was killing his own people, yet you support China which persecutes almost anyone, including Christians and capitalists, and Putin in Russia, who is practically a Soviet dictator. You also have a habit of ignoring genocide in Africa, like Darfur and Rwanda.



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